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1. How long have you been in the industry? I shot my first scene in July 2014, I shot five from July to August just with my ex boyfriend then in September of that year I became a Spiegler girl and officially started shooting every day consistently.

2. What sites would we most likely know you from? I mean, besides being the AVN Best New Starlet of 2017? I would say Girlsway, PureTaboo, Hard X, EvilAngel, and JulesJordan .

3. Was porn an industry you sought out, or did you happen upon it?
Porn definitely found me haha, but it was an instant match

4. Were you in a relationship when you started?
Yes, the person I shot my first five scenes with was my boyfriend at the time of filming and before I ever shot.

5. How does the fact that being non-monogamous is part of the territory for work in adult entertainment factor into your relationships?
It actually limited my choices a lot, most men (at least the ones I’ve met) have found it almost impossible to fathom the idea of other men inside me multiple times a week, especially knowing how much I genuinely do enjoy it. It’s almost hard for them to want to deal with because so many woman exist in the world who would never put them in such a predicament. But then again I’m not a man so I don’t know, I barely understand myself sometimes.

6. How would you describe your aesthetic and how you approach sex in your scenes? I genuinely just want to feel good, I want it to feel as good as it possibly can with whomever I’m working with, I like to know what makes them feel good, and in turn it pleases me greatly, passion is necessary. You can be stroking my neck and if you really put a lot of feeling into it & make me dripping wet. Whereas a stale make out sesh could do absolutely nothing. I simply tell myself I’m going to try to feel so good I have to hold back from telling the person I love them.

7. Have you done a scene that you think exemplifies your reasons for getting into porn or really shows who you are on a personal level? Oh goodness! Of course! I genuinely love sex so much, all kinds of sex, and there’s so many sexual experiences I won’t ever forget that I wouldn’t have been able to experience had it not been for doing porn.

8. What’s the average day in your life like? I love going out to eat with Spiegler, we’re such foodies together. I pretty much just try to entertain myself until I work again, it’s the only reason I live in LA. Nothing makes me happier than shooting.

8. What is the one thing that you think fans should know about the industry and/or performers? We really care about what fans think, we want to please them because we want so badly for the ones that are left to still pay for their porn.

10. If you could fix any one thing in the industry, what would it be? To be completely honest, performers having unsafe sex outside of work.

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