Jay Taylor at the ATMLA booth at AVN

While touring the AVN Expo in January, I was overwhelmed by the number of individual performers greeting fans and signing autographs at booths in the massive show halls. These were women (and a few men!) who had a rabid fanbase lined up to meet them and talk away from the major crowds at the brand booths. Jay Taylor was one of the most dedicated – I saw her a few days in a row, and caught myself staring at her relaxed presence at the ATMLA booth because she looked so approachable and real.

Look, I know there is no specific porn star type! But there are a few molds, and Jay breaks all of them. She looked like the girl next door I would definitely have a crush on. Finally, I decided to quit being weird and go ask for a photo. We got to talking, and I was immediately convinced everyone should be her fan. Jay was just as weird as me. Naturally, we discussed immersive sex therapy, dirty wizards and lesbian ghosts.

ESME: Was porn an industry you sought out, or did you happen upon it?

JAY TAYLOR: I kinda slippery-sloped on in. I started as a [mainstream] model, and from there, started camming, because I wasn’t making any money modeling. And when you start saying, “oh, I’ll just masturbate for people,” it leads to, “oh, I’ll pose nude…I’ll masturbate in this photo…I’ll eat a vagina.”

E: One thing leads to another.

JT: It’s just an extra step. It’s only a little bit different than what I’m already doing. And then you end up doing DPs.

E: Yeah!

JT: It’s like oh, how’d they get there?

E: Those tricky dicks! Cool. Were you in a relationship when you started working?

JT: Yes.

E: Okay. How does non-monogamy in your professional life shape your personal relationships?

JT: Our rules are: we’re completely monogamous together, except very rarely when we have off-camera threesomes. All of our sex that’s not within our relationship is on-camera. So that’s like, a hard and fast rule. I don’t go have sex off-camera after a scene. The camera is the “go” sign.

E: Gotcha. I like that. How would you describe your aesthetic and how you approach sex in your scenes?

JT: I’m just me. I tried to play the porn game for a couple years, and it didn’t work at all, because there’s 3,000 girls playing the porn game, so I just stopped. And I do this now. *gestures to Hogwarts t-shirt and ripped jeans*

E: And this is great, because this gets attention too. It got mine.

JT: And the guys who are my fans- it’s a smaller base, but they’re fucking ravenous, because I’m just Jay. When I talk to them as myself, they’re like, “oh my god, you’re so cool,” so why would I lie? I don’t like that. It’s me being honestly me.

E: Cool. What’s a scene you’ve done that you think showcases who you are or the reasons you got in the industry?

JT: That’s hard!

E: I know, it’s a tough one!

JT: Oh my goodness. There’s a lot of scenes that I like, for different reasons. I’ve done scenes where I’m fully made up, being a “porn star,” and those are really cool. Actually, recently I wrote a script for Pure Taboo.

E: Oh, I saw you were tweeting about that!

JT: Oh my god. So, I wrote a script, and it’s about a girl who is afraid of her own body and scared of sex and is kind of…urged into it by her therapist. Sex isn’t something I have an issue with, but that situation is something I find really hot.

E: Yeah!

JT: Because I like a female cuckholding sort of thing. That’s my jam. So I figured, when they chose this script, they’d be like, “Okay, Jay! You did really good writing this, and now we’re going to handle it and you just have sex.” And they fucking didn’t. It was amazing.

E: Wow…

JT: They were like, “Okay guys. Jay’s out of makeup, we’re going to take you upstairs, and we’re going to arrange the set exactly how you want.” And my cast was asking, “What’s my motivation for this scene? How exactly do you want to play this? I was thinking I could touch you in this way, is this cool?”

E: Oh my god. That’s awesome.

JT: It was mine. And it was an insanely incredible experience, to even have my camera guys be like, “I was thinking about this, what do you think? Is this lighting cool? Is this pillow what you want it to look like?” It was absolutely amazing, and my cast was perfect.

Jay Taylor for Pure Taboo

E: I can’t wait to see it! That’s going to be so good!

JT: I want everyone to see it. Because I work in mainstream film as well, and I have mentors who worked on Lord of the Rings and have done all sorts of stuff. So I want to be like hey, will you watch me get DPed? Because I’m really proud of this. Just ignore that [DP] part.

E: What do you do in mainstream? That’s interesting.

JT: I produce!

E: Oh wow!

JT: So, I kinda go back and forth. I do producing and PA work, and I’m trying to weasel my way into independent film. I like it.

E: That’s awesome. I do editing too! Alright, so describe what a good day in your life would look like.

JT: So are we talking a good porn day, or just a good day?

E: Just a good any day for you. There are many good days.

JT: A good day is- I wake up and feed my horses. Then I eat a delicious breakfast of fried eggs on toast. So good. And then I would do a little bit of work and go riding, and then I’d come back home and do a bit more work, and then I’d take a bath and read and watch some tv. That’s all I want.

E: Cool! Alright, what’s one thing you wished all fans knew about the industry or performers?

JT: We’re just people. And it’s different for everyone. Some of us are here for the money and this is their job, and others are here because we want to connect with others. Before I did porn I wanted to do sex therapy and relationship counseling. So if someone comes in and talks to me as a person, like, “Hey, I have a question about my girlfriend,” I’m like, “Yes! What? Let’s talk about this, let’s do this.” I just want all my fans to be happy, whole people. I have regulars who are like, “Hey, I know I used to spend lots of money on you but I got a girlfriend now.” I’m like, YES!

E: Good for you!

JT: Like, oh my god, that’s amazing. I’m sort of sad because you’re hot, but go with your girlfriend! So, just talk to us like people and respect us. I understand you have a boner. But like, take your boner with a grain of salt, and you’ll have a much better experience if you come in like, “Hey! What’s your favorite movie?” as opposed to, “Look at my penis.”

E: Yeah…

JT: Because if you talk to me like a person, I’m like, oh my god. Let’s freakin’ dissect Harry Potter right now and I’ll be all about it.

E: Oh yeah, I was gonna ask you, because of your shirt…what’s your house?

Jay T: I’m a Hufflepuff.

E: Hufflepuff. Okay. I can see that.

JT: What are you?

E: Um…I’m a Slytherin. *Jay grimaces* I’m sorry!

JT: I’m sorry to react like that.

E: Everyone does! Especially the Hufflepuffs.

JT: I know, but see, as Hufflepuffs we were kind of pushed down for so many years.

E: And I love Hufflepuffs.

JT: We’re the best, if I’m going to be honest.

E: Also, I wanted to ask: which professor would you fuck?

JT: I’m a Snape bitch. Actually, my first experience with any sort of pornography was erotic HP fanfic.

E: Stop it!

JT: It was really bad. It ends with me fucking the Dark Lord, and like, turning in Harry Potter. It’s all bad. I regret everything at the end.

E: No, that sounds amazing. I want the link to that.

JT: Really embarrassing. I never published it. I’m friends with Mick Ignus, who did the Marauders fan film, and I really want him to come on my Youtube channel so I can read it out loud to him, because it would be horrible. I’m trying to lock him down for that. But I read it over recently to see how bad it was, and it’s bad. I talk about how good Dumbledore was in bed. I was such a hoe.

E: You turned Dumbledore, too. That’s pretty good. 

JT: I did it all. It opens with a parchment, which says, “Call this spell, and I’ll come and fuck you in your dorm room.”

E: I love that. I really do. I’m big into ghost porn.

Jay Taylor: I did a mainstream film that’s out called Dead Sexy about a ghost lesbian. So it’s like a slumber party film and she comes and she fucks all of us. So we’re like, pretending to cum from this ghost. And it was a lot.

E: Oh my god. That’s my shit.

JT: The mainstream actresses who were in that were like, “What are you fucking bitches doing?” Because they had mainstream leads and then hired all us porn chicks to be like, *squeaky voice* “oh my god, it’s a slumber party ghost orgy!” It was good times.

E: I’ll check that out! Then the last question- if you could fix an issue within the industry, what would it be?

JT: I would be very curious what would happen if the tube sites went away and that vacuum was created. If the free porn was removed…I’d like to see what that would do. The figure that we talk about is that 3% of the porn that is consumed is paid for.

E: Wow.

JT: There used to be so much crazy money in porn, because everyone had to buy DVDs and VHS. And now it’s hard to get people to pay for porn. The people who do are amazing, and they pay a lot of money for it, but it’s hard for that to happen. I’d also like a little bit less stigma. Like, we’re just people. My in-laws mentioned that the porn convention was here this weekend, because they knew we were coming to Vegas but they didn’t know why. And they’re like, “Ugh! The porn convention!” And I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m looking around, and I just don’t feel like this is gross! I’m trying to understand how this is gross. And London‘s here next to me, and she’s just a chick in some panties hanging out. I don’t feel like this is gross.

E: Everyone’s having a good time. This is my first time here, and it’s amazing to see the fan interaction and how many performers recognize everybody and say, “Thank you for coming back!”

JT: Oh, there’s so many people who come back!

E: I think that’s the best. It’s really cool.

JT: It’s interesting. To have people come by- “oh hey, I’m back again, I’ve seen you for four years. I know you like this kind of jam, so I brought it for you.” So that’s real.

E: That’s so sweet! Alright, well, thank you so much, Jay! I appreciate it!

After our talk, the busy brunette had to rush off to an annual AVN orgy shoot (though she cordially extended me an invite). Jay sticks in my mind as one of my favorite people I met at the expo – her ambition and passion for every aspect of production is really inspiring. She takes on many roles beyond performing: choosing to also shoot her own content, coordinate for other performers, and produce in mainstream entertainment. Jay Taylor is an example of a multi-talented adult star who flexes every skill she has to make amazing porn. She loves to discuss nerd pop culture, educate others about the industry and share her recent triumphs on her Twitter. I’m excited to follow her adventures and see where they take her!

Use promo code ‘nighthawk’ to see the scene that Jay Taylor wrote on PureTaboo and thank us later 😉

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