Cadence Lux

Cadence Lux at the AdultTime booth at AVN

Meeting Cadence Lux for the first time was a pretty dazzling experience. I was already a big fan of her frank weirdness and wit on Twitter. She has the type of snarky, laid-back personality that I love to be around, whether for a wild night out or an epic bitching and wine session on the couch. As it so happened, she was sipping champagne from a recent group appearance at the Vixen/Blacked/TUSHY booth at the AVN Expo when she wandered to the AdultTime booth, where I  was posted up. Cadence was flush with excitement from the hectic convention, surrounded by fans who clearly appreciate what she does- and in the midst of that hype, she was genuinely stoked to talk to me about why she loves her job.

E: Thanks for your time, I know you’re busy today! The first thing I want to know is, did you get your start in porn by seeking it out, or did you happen upon it?

CADENCE LUX: To be honest with you, I always said I wanted to shoot porn before I died. So, part of me sought it out, but it kind of fell into my lap. So I would say it’s 50/50, I always wanted to shoot porn, but it just happened to be the correct time, if that makes sense.

E: Yeah! Nice! So were you in a relationship when you started?

CL: When I started, no, I was not. I was single when I started.

E: Okay. How does non-monogamy in your professional life shape your personal relationships?

CL: Honestly, my last relationship was monogamous outside of my job. So I only had sex with other men for money, and he didn’t have sex with any other girls. It worked out great. I think it just comes down to the partner.

E: Definitely. So, how would you describe your aesthetic and how you approach sex in your scenes?

CL: I want people to fuck the soul out of me, and I want to fuck your soul. I don’t wanna lick your pussy, I want you to feel me when we leave. I want you to remember me. I don’t want some stupid bullshit girl-girl or boy-girl- like, if people don’t make eye contact with me, and fuck me the way I want, they’re on my no list. So for me, I’m a chemistry-based performer all day.

E: I love that. That’s really cool. I think your fans appreciate that too! What is a scene you’ve done that you think showcases who you are or the reasons you got into the industry?

CL: A squirting scene I did for HardX, with Ramon, was really, really good. I think everything I do for Girlsway is really good because I really, really love females. And I think that they allow us to fuck the way we want, within an open dynamic. Like, you have to open [your fucking position] for the cameras, but Girlsway wants the chemistry. And that’s really fucking important to me. So, my favorite companies to work for are HardX, Girlsway, Kink, Zero Tolerance– people that let me fuck the way I want.

E: I like that. Okay, what would a good day in your life look like?

CL: Well, I’ve been away from my dogs for about three weeks, so I think a good day would be with my dogs, playing fetch, maybe drinking some alcohol by myself and smoking some weed. And just relaxing- I guess that’s because I’ve been “on” for three weeks straight, so it’s kind of one of those things. I’m such a low-key person. Give me Netflix, and a beer, and my dogs, and I’m so happy.

E: Aw, yeah. That’s all you need! Alright- what is one thing you wished all fans knew about the industry or performers?

CL: That not every man can be a porn star. Okay? It’s really fucking hard, so stop emailing me and asking how you can get in, because you’re not going to get in.

E: *dies laughing*

CL: Like, that’s one thing- I wish people would understand how hard men in the industry have it. Nobody fucking gives them the credit that they deserve. It’s all about the girl. And I understand, from watching porn, that’s what’s showcased, but at the same time- like, I have emails every day from men that are like, how can I get in the industry? And I’m like, you can’t! Flat out, you can’t! Because it’s hard!

E: It takes a lot of talent.

CL: So I wish the public would understand that it’s not just, “hey, I have a penis and I can do this.” It’s a lot of mental stress and work and tiring things that they go through.

E: Exactly! Last question- if you could fix an issue within the industry, what would it be?

CL: I guess sexual harassment. I mean, that’s a big thing right now. So I guess, just being respected in a way that you want to be respected. Personally, I’ve been in the industry 5 or 6 years, so I am a very straightforward person. So I have no issues personally. I fear for the new girls. I want people to do this correctly. I want it to stop. That’s all. You know?

E: Yeah. You should be respected at work, just like anywhere else.

CL: Absolutely, you should be being paid and do your shoot, and go home, and you shouldn’t have to worry about anybody being a predator towards you. That’s what I hope for the industry. And that is not coming from a personal standpoint, because I have great, great experiences, but I’m not speaking for everybody.

E: Right, exactly. Well, thank you, Cadence! It was great to talk to you!

CL: Absolutely, thank you!

I was so giddy from our lovely chat that I almost skipped off without a picture! I had to fight back through the crowd at the AdultTime booth and sheepishly ask Cadence for a little more of her time. She clearly loves vibing with her fellow performers, even off camera- it made me grin to see her flirt with a few other stars she hadn’t seen in a while, nuzzling into their faces and asking when she would work with them again. As soon as my lens was on her, though, she was striking playful poses as naturally as breathing. Chemistry with people and cameras is something Cadence has in no short supply.


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