A Conversation with Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor at the ATMLA booth at AVN

While touring the AVN Expo in January, I was overwhelmed by the number of individual performers greeting fans and signing autographs at booths in the massive show halls. These were women (and a few men!) who had a rabid fanbase lined up to meet them and talk away from the major crowds at the brand booths. Jay Taylor was one of the most dedicated – I saw her a few days in a row, and caught myself staring at her relaxed presence at the ATMLA booth because she looked so approachable and real.

Look, I know there is no specific porn star type! But there are a few molds, and Jay breaks all of them. She looked like the girl next door I would definitely have a crush on. Finally, I decided to quit being weird and go ask for a photo. We got to talking, and I was immediately convinced everyone should be her fan. Jay was just as weird as me. Naturally, we discussed immersive sex therapy, dirty wizards and lesbian ghosts.

ESME: Was porn an industry you sought out, or did you happen upon it?

JAY TAYLOR: I kinda slippery-sloped on in. I started as a [mainstream] model, and from there, started camming, because I wasn’t making any money modeling. And when you start saying, “oh, I’ll just masturbate for people,” it leads to, “oh, I’ll pose nude…I’ll masturbate in this photo…I’ll eat a vagina.”

E: One thing leads to another.

JT: It’s just an extra step. It’s only a little bit different than what I’m already doing. And then you end up doing DPs.

E: Yeah!

JT: It’s like oh, how’d they get there?

E: Those tricky dicks! Cool. Were you in a relationship when you started working?

JT: Yes.

E: Okay. How does non-monogamy in your professional life shape your personal relationships?

JT: Our rules are: we’re completely monogamous together, except very rarely when we have off-camera threesomes. All of our sex that’s not within our relationship is on-camera. So that’s like, a hard and fast rule. I don’t go have sex off-camera after a scene. The camera is the “go” sign.

E: Gotcha. I like that. How would you describe your aesthetic and how you approach sex in your scenes?

JT: I’m just me. I tried to play the porn game for a couple years, and it didn’t work at all, because there’s 3,000 girls playing the porn game, so I just stopped. And I do this now. *gestures to Hogwarts t-shirt and ripped jeans*

E: And this is great, because this gets attention too. It got mine.

JT: And the guys who are my fans- it’s a smaller base, but they’re fucking ravenous, because I’m just Jay. When I talk to them as myself, they’re like, “oh my god, you’re so cool,” so why would I lie? I don’t like that. It’s me being honestly me.